My Selfish Reasons For Starting A Podcast

Shakira Sison



“When are you going to start a podcast?” They asked.

“Never.” I thought. I always thought sounded horrible and didn’t have enough personality, energy, or anything interesting to say to be in a podcast. So I completely dismissed the possibility. Until…



  1.  To conquer my fear.
  2.  To stop beating myself up.
  3.  To stop cringing when I hear my own voice.
  4.  To have a creative outlet in a time of stagnation and complacency.
  5.  To be kind to myself. 


I received an invitation to guest in a podcast series about overseas Filipinos. I had spent years declining pretty much all invitations from the Philippines for virtually anything: speeches, awards, judging contest, guest speakers, special interest resources, and the like. When I received the unsolicited email from a new podcasting company, I thought, let me hear what they had to say. The topic seemed timely and relevant. I’d spent over a year of pandemic lock down in a creative black hole, with lots of ideas but no concrete output. I thought, why not give it a shot?


I was nervous and scared but I ended up having so much fun that I actually entertained the possibility of starting my own podcast.  

Of course the objective of creating a show that is entertaining and educational was there, but my primary goal was entirely selfish. I wanted to get over myself. I wanted to stop beating myself up about my voice, about being shy, about not having anything to say. 

Basically I started this podcast to learn how to be kinder to myself. Now four episodes in, I am convinced it is working.